Finger Candy

Finger Candy Jewellery is all hand designed, utilising the most sustainable practices in a way that prioritises its impact on the environment. All my hand-made designs are created with 100% recycled precious metals.
(Only the pre-made chains, sleeper earrings and butterfly clips are not recycled).

I choose to work with laboratory grown gemstones over natural gemstones. Laboratory grown gemstones are not replicas or copies of their natural counterparts, they are 100% molecularly identical. They are chemically, physically, and optically the same. The only difference is their method of production. One is created by nature; one is created in laboratories.
Laboratory gemstones are far more ethical to use, as their production does not involve any mining of different environments, damaging different ecosystems. Mining is terrible for the environment, so I choose to minimize my involvement in that industry through purchasing laboratory grown gemstones.
The pearls that I source are cultured, which refers to their method of production. They are grown on farms rather than taken from natural ecosystems
Therefore, whilst they are still naturally formed, their creation is done in a way that significantly limits the environmental impact.