Boujani 'Blue Metro #4' Pant
Boujani 'Blue Metro #4' Pant
Boujani 'Blue Metro #4' Pant


Boujani 'Blue Metro #4' Pant

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The Blue Metropolis Pants are inspired by the cityscape of Melbourne with it's mostly blue glassed buildings, which pierce the sky.

We are no longer natural creatures, but are born into an unatural world of our own making. The city is now unwillingly a part of us and as we work and live in unison with the structures we reside in, our clothing too reflects our environment.

Intended for everyday casual street wear.

All pants are hand-cut and sewn from upcycled 2nd hand materials.

Size M

Low-rise waist with fitted soft flare leg.

Waist: 70cm (28inch)

Length: 72cm (28inch)