Stella Vendetta 'Brufort' Hat
Stella Vendetta 'Brufort' Hat
Stella Vendetta 'Brufort' Hat

Stella Vendetta

Stella Vendetta 'Brufort' Hat

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Hold onto your hats, SV made these from scratch! This cozy crown is practical and sexy. SV made it out of wool so it’ll keep the thinker warm on those frosty days. They even made the pom-poms! Wild the cool shit you can come up with when you put your thinking cap on…

There may be slight colour variations as each hat is made from upcycled material.

There’s a bow fastening at the back that you can tighten to fit your head!
Small / 52-55cm
Medium / 55-58cm
Large / 58-61cm

99% Upcycled. 1% for new stuff like screen printing ink and thread.
Hat with detachable domino key ring
100% Wool
Cut and sewn by hand